It’s always helpful to have images when telling your story, any story. Scientists in particular should be able to explain their work to anyone, and visual aid really helps. Images can lay out study setups for grant proposals, explain results in papers or presentations and can be very helpful for workshops or tutorials.



Perhaps you could make that image yourself. Great! But think about how many hours you would save NOT making that figure. Remember that your own hours do not come cheap and it would save a hassle. What if you could easily outsource?

As a scientist and an illustrator (with 15 years of experience in both fields) I can quickly provide images. Any description, idea or sketch will be a starting point.




Hi! My name is Maaike de Backer. I’m a scientist with a PhD in biochemistry and a strong affection for clean design. I’ve worked for the University of Cambridge, Cancer Research UK, the European synchrotron in Grenoble, Leiden University Medical Center and a biotech company. 

During my career I enjoyed visualising research concepts and results. I noticed that Powerpoint was too limited for the illustrations that I had in mind, so I moved to Illustrator, which is much more versatile. I’ve developed a clean & simple style with soft colours, dedicated to the “less is more” principle.


I work with an hourly rate, so the cost of an image or poster very much depends on its complexity. Any description, idea or sketch will be a starting point. Please feel free to contact me by email, phone or contact form. Quick & friendly service!



Contact and other details

Name: Maaike de Backer

E-mail: info@studio-stillae.nl

Phone: +31 – 62 46 38 214

Location: Maastricht, The Netherlands

KVK: 65438159


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Don’t mind the raindrops, wait till the rain stops

Smile through your tears, laughing at life

– Billie Holiday –


These words have been in my head for years (it’s also my ringtone, so that explains). Living in The Netherlands, famous for its tulips, cyclists and well.. rain, the ‘raindrop theme’ for my studio quickly came to mind. Taking it one step further by including an alliteration in the form of stillae, the latin name for raindrop, and we’ve got Studio Stillae!